Hang Important Documents With Confidence

Having something framed is a great way to protect and present it. The right frame built by Talking Walls can keep your diploma or other important item from getting dusty, discolored, and damaged. The right frame can also enhance what’s contained inside, providing it with a strong presence when hung on the wall. However, just getting the right frame isn’t enough. How you hang it on the wall matters.

Amateur hanging techniques have many problems. At the very least, you’re likely to find yourself walking around and fixing crooked frames that have gone off kilter. At the very worst, a slammed door or a strong storm can actually knock your frame off the wall, potentially breaking and compromising the item that’s contained inside.

The solution is picture hanging services from Talking Walls.

Picture hanging services for diplomas, military medals, and much more

We’re not only custom framers, we’re professional picture hangers too! And it doesn’t matter what it is you have to hang. We proudly hang items that include:

  • Diplomas
  • Military medals and memorabilia
  • Running bibs and medals
  • Framed artwork
  • Mirrors
  • Wall groupings of photos
  • Framed and unframed paintings
  • Tapestries and rugs
  • Shelving

That’s not all! One of our most popular services is wall-mounting flat screen TVs. We can protect your investment by making sure your expensive television is properly secured to the wall.

Professional hanging techniques

The techniques used to hang frames is extremely important. This is especially true if there’s a particular reason why you’re seeking professional picture hanging services. Is the item heavy? Is security an issue? We can help!

At Talking Walls, we take your needs into account before determining the best way to hang your items on the wall. We hang items using the following methods:

  • Hanging of heavy items: Using wall anchors like molly bolts instead of strap hangers, we can secure heavy items straight into the sheet rock. Heavy items include framed mirrors and flat screen TVs.
  • Preventing theft: Security installations feature fasteners on all sides of the frame, making it difficult to remove from the wall. This is a good solution for galleries, public spaces, and offices.
  • Children’s rooms: Secured installation with strap hangers, heavy duty hooks, and Velcro will keep framed items in place, no matter how rowdy the kids get.
  • Straight and flush hanging: Every item is hung from two points, ensuring it never shifts on the wall. We use strap hangers and z-bars that enable your frame to hang flat.

Where you hang it matters

Hanging a frame on a wall sounds simpler than it really is. If you want to get the most impact out of your framed item, where it is hung on the wall is extremely important.

If you’re hanging a single framed item, our picture frame installers can help you determine the correct height. We do this by analyzing the scale of your framed item, the nearby furniture, and the overall style of the space.

One of the best reasons to seek the help of professional picture hanging services is when you’re dealing with a hard-to-reach area. Hanging even the largest of items above doorways and staircases isn’t a problem for our crew!

Another popular option involves multiple framed items. If you’ve ever tried to hang an arrangement of artwork or photos, you know how difficult it can be! Not only will we make sure everything is hung securely on the wall, we’ll help you develop an aesthetically pleasing arrangement that is perfectly spaced and hung to perfection.

Transportation services

We’re always happy to help you hang any items that you have laying around the house or office, but not all items are on-site and ready to be hung. If you’re dealing with a large quantity of framed items, or if an item is heavy, wide, or tall, we can personally deliver it to your location before hanging it.

To ensure nothing is damaged during transport, we wrap and package each framed item before loading it on our truck. We’ll make sure that the slightest bump doesn’t damage your artwork or frames.

Our transportation services include:

  • Pickup from homes, offices, and more
  • Delivery of items from our location to yours
  • Delivery of items from one location to another
  • Packaging and preparation of framed items before transportation

Learn more about the pricing for our picture hanging services

Each hanging project is unique. What you’re having hung, where it’s being hung, and how it’s being hung will determine the final cost of your project.  Typically we charge $50 per hour for hanging services but do offer complimentary hanging and delivery on larger custom framing orders, especially for our commercial clients.